Summer is almost gone and fall is coming in Korea, but weather cast says the hot weather is coming again this weekend, I prepared my summer outfit from my Korean version blog which is posted on July:)

This summer is really hot, I think it is the hottest summer in my life. I wear see-through style to cool down my body, and even more to be stylish. I put on a bra top inside and put a net knitting vest to cover up. It could be too much but, the color of outfit is dark, so it covered my skin color.





For more details, I matched dark color with denim. Two-color tone denim pants have a flare shape which is a trend for this season. Also, the dark color denim heels are good matched item for this outfit.











I recommend you similar items as my outfit for F/W season. Dark color sleeved knit: Round Slim-fit Knit and Wide Cuffs See-through Top. Flare pants: Crop Flare Jeans and Denim Bootcut Pants.




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