I prefer a feminine style but is has to have striking features in order to make the look unique and to express my personality. Matching frill detailed blouse with long-length linen skirt is a incredibly good styling for feminine look. Moreover, a long skirt with a slit up the front makes the look a bit sexier.

Straw hat was a huge trend for the last summer, so I matched straw hat with straw bag to give more girlish look. These two straw items are really good for the picnic look.

Also, I completed the look in blue and beige tone. I unified knitted bell on the hat, blouse and stiletto heels in blue and the rest of the colors are all beige and orange tone.

img_1145img_1152 img_1153 img_1154


img_1171 img_1176 img_1184


Actually, blue is my favorite color, so these blue stiletto heels from suecommabonnie are my favorite shoes in my wardrobe.



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