I had travelled Jeju island, which is the most beautiful and well-know tourist spot of Korea, with my family at the end of September. I am planning to post my outfits during the trip and share some beautiful sceneries of Jeju soon:)

Actually, at that time, the weather was quite chilly in Seoul, so I prepared some items for autumn weather, but Jeju island was so warm and sometimes I felt hot.

img_5950-1 img_5955-1

I was wearing this outfit in the above photos from Seoul. That’s why I were in a jacket. I don’t wear this kind of casual jackets often, but this style is perfect for the trip because this jacket has lots of pockets and is comfortable and rain-proof.



You know, I mentioned that I felt hot in Jeju, So I took off the jacket:)

Almost every items I packed were for fall weather so, most of days when I was in Jeju, I felt hot during the daytime. I didn’t think about that Jeju is located southern than Seoul and the weather is much warmer:(




At the beach, I put on different outer which is lighter. Long length of shirt-shaped jacket made my look more casual and easy.

I travelled Jeju for 5days, so I will have more outfit post on this week. So, stay tuned!

XOXO, yunastyle.