This is my first ‘Seoulite’ post on my English version blog:) I would like to share it place in Seoul for my foreign readers who are interested in Korea. This place called ‘EZER COFFEE’ is a cafe in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, and I liked the interior and atmosphere of the cafe. Also, the tastes of coffee and ice chocolate were good, too.


img_9757 img_9775

Actually, I am into white color tone interior like white painted wall, white color marvel table, etc with metallic items like chairs or shelves. That’s why one thing I dissatisfied with was wooden table:(  but still, I like calm and moody atmosphere of this cafe.

img_9760 img_9762 img_9767


I asked my boyfriend to take photo of my new nail art, but that photo was not that pretty:(  So, I was trying to do it by myself, but still couldn’t get a good one, so he took photos again and again, then boom! Got a good one:p  Will show you in a different post.

img_9793 img_9855


If you visit Seongsu-dong in Seoul, Korea, I recommend you to visit EZER Coffee:)

XOXO, yunastyle!