Fur Jacket: Molli Olli
Blouse: Zara
Skirt: Dewl
Shoes: Vanemia
Bag: Miumiu


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I styled with blue and yellow color for my birthday date. Even though in a cold winter, I put on colorful outfits instead of dark and mono tone.


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The color match of yellow and sky-blue color mixed denim strap heeled shoes,

vivid blue color eco fur jacket, sky-blue color striped blouse and yellow color skirt were good.

The color of clothing and shoes were so bright so, I wore siver earrings and black leather clutch bag from miumiu.

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If you visit Korea, you can see a lot of Koreans in black color especially in the winter.

I know black is simple but stylish color for styling and black color looks warmer

but, don’t hide yourself in dark color even though in the winter.

If you match fur outer, you can complete the great and warm style in the bright color for the winter.

Also, I would like to recommend eco-fur items also called fake-fur.

Fake-fur is much easier to be dyed so, there are so many color variation among fake-fur items. Let’s try!

0113ootd-8 0113ootd-9

Also I matched white color see-through tights and eroidered mini size heart pattern makes your look more feminine.


Even though the weather of the day was really freezing,

I wanted to take photos of my outfits in a new frilled blouse, so I took off the outer.

Thesedays, I fall in love with various designs of frilled blouse.

I will show you more ootd with frilled blouse soon on my blog and instagram.

Please wait for updates! – 3-

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