I try on one-shoulder dress which has a different kind of attraction. I put on this outfit for JoMalone event in Hannam, Seoul and everyone said the outfit was beautiful and looked good on me:p  Moreover, because of the frill details along the shoulder line makes me more feminine. This is my first one-shoulder style dress and I love it a lot, so I’m gonna do shopping this kind of dress more! Cool linen dresses are the best items for summer outfit!

Dress : ASOS
Bag : Cult gaia
Shoes : Suzebruni
Scarf : United color of Benetton


Do you know about personal color? Based on tone and color of your skin, hair, and etc, we can define the person’s skin tone is cool or warm. My personal color is Cool tone and the best color for me is light blue. That’s why I have lots of light blue tone clothing:) And this light blue color dress is one of my favorite for this season! (Click here to buy the dress that I wore.)

The bamboo bag from Cult Gaia is one of my favorite summer bag. Well, maybe this bag is so popular world widely, but I cannot find better one:p This Summer, I recommend you to try on one-shoulder dress to be trendy and a bit sexy!