This is the outfit when I visited the Nest hotel in Incheon, Korea. We did bikini pool party at the pool in the nest hotel which has been just opened a few weeks ago. This hotel is quite trendy and a lot of young Korean people love this place. Even though the weather was cloudy, but I wanted to remain my outfit photos at this popular place. The smallest size of this flower patterned dress is a little bit to me, but still the silhouette is quite elegant and I love the color.



Dress : Manuelle et guillaume
Shoes : Minelli



The front of the dress a bit looks like a apron, wide shoulder strap and square shaped neck line makes the look more cute, but the length of the dress and the flare silhouette make the look elegant and feminine. Styling with the strap sandals looks chic and cool :p



The strap shoes have studs on them, so even though the dress is quite feminine, the shoes make the whole look more chic. Also, the shoes make the legs long and sexy, so I love this shoes.




Also, the back of the dress is just like a front. I love square shaped neck and back lines because they make the look not too much sexy, even though the clothes has sleeveless strap shoulder details.


I had a really great vacation at the hotel for one night 2days. I want to recommend you this kind of vacation. We call it Hocance(hotel+vacance) which means enjoying your vacation at the hotel while taking some rest, swimming at the hotel pool, etc. So, if you don’t have any vacation plans, how about try Hocance? 🙂