It has been so long since I wrote the last post on this blog. The last post on this blog was written one year and 10 days ago. OMG. Well, in my defense, I was quite busy to preparing for something very special for me. I have a big big change in my life during the last one year. You know what? maybe some of you who checked out my instagram often may know what it is. I got married just 2 months ago!! But, still I am really Sorry for you who have been waited for my English post, also I will share my wedding photos and the story of my wedding day sooner or later on this blog 🙂

Okay, it was quite long to say hello again lol. This time, I am going to post my outfit.



Cap : minimore
Dress : Tularosa from Revolve
Shoes : Charles&Keith
Earrings : Zara
Necklace : Les Georgettes
Bracelets : Bvgalri, Monica Vinader


I was quite into this kind of style this season. I love strap dresses for Summer because they are so comfy and cool. You know during the hot weather season, it is really annoying to think how to do styling, but just putting on a strap dress made with light material and layering jewelry is enough!

I think the online shop, Revolve is a really good website to shop summer dresses and they have a global shipping service as well. This olive color strap dress(Click) is from Tularosa which is one of my favorite brands on Revolve(Click).

This news boy cap is really useful for making my outfit more chic. Well, actually my husband doesn’t like me to wear this kind of cap, these are not just his preference, but my mom loves when I put on this cap lol. She always says my face look much smaller and the cap really looks good on me.

Hand-made knitting bag which is made by my mother-in-law is my essential item during Summer and it will be essential till the next season, Autumn. Because of the color of the bag, it is really good to match with Autumn season outfits as well.

These black sandals(Click) from Charles&Keith are so comfy and looks good with almost every outfits, especially with chic or casual styles. So I wear these shoes so many times 😛